This is the first day of the rest of your life…

I feel very blessed.

After 2 and a half years of feeling like I was living in a fog of bad jobs, I now have the job that I dreamed would open up back in college. I don’t think that I ever really truly thought it would happen.
For the past 2 and a half years, I have been searching for a certain feeling. Somewhere between settled and content and fulfilled. Its been amazing how quickly I have “settled” in this new role, a feeling I never could quite get to anywhere else. I never could see how any of the other jobs fit into my plan for the rest of my life.
Oh, the elusive plan.
I can’t stand not having a plan. Even if I know it wont happen exactly the way I plan it, I just feel better thinking I know how the next 20 or so years are going to go. You don’t know how much I have stressed out over what the middle name of my second daughter will be (that’s the only missing piece of my “three-kids, two-girls-and-a-boy” plan that isn’t figured out yet). Sadly, I am serious.
What can I say? I’m a girl who likes to have it all figured out.
With that said, I am very happy to say that the ball has been set rolling on a very important part of our plan!
We are building a house! In the neighborhood I’ve been dreaming of since the day I realized we would be staying in Belton. 5 minutes from campus.
We are just beside ourselves with excitement (well, okay, maybe me more than Nick).
Here’s a picture to prove it is actually happening!
Its been a long road of many meetings and lots and lots of waiting, but I think they will finally start building soon. It will be nice to actually see some progress when we go look at the lot, rather than the same grouping of trees and dirt that we have “checked on” every day for the past month!
Stay tuned…

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