We’ve got sticks!

Today when we drove by our lot during lunch (like we always do), the surveyor was there! They put up sticks to mark where the house will be, which was cool to see, because we’ve tried to guess, but it is hard to figure it out amongst the forest of trees.
Sadly, it looks like we wont be able to save any trees for our front yard. 😦 But we are going to have lots of big, beautiful trees in the backyard. And I think we will have quite a few on the sides too. I think there will be a cluster of trees beside the house…maybe those will be considered in the front yard. Its so hard to visualize it right now!

So I believe the next step is that they will come out and clear out all the “junk trees,” leaving just the nice big oaks. Then we will get to walk through with them and mark the ones we want to keep (as many as possible!). And thennnn…I think they are going to start building the foundation!! πŸ™‚
In other news: as we were walking the lot today after they put up the house markers, I wasn’t paying attention and my leg ran RIGHT into a low-to-the-ground cactus! Cactus needles are apparently of the devil. You can’t PULL them out, because they just break. So now I have a million little remnants of cactus needles stuck in my skin. OUCH!
And on a happier note: tonight we went to a free concert on the Baylor campus and got to see one of my favorite bands, Tenth Avenue North. They were incrediable! I loved laying on the blanket and looking at the stars while listening to some great music. πŸ™‚

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