I love Lucy, my Lucy…

Today, my baby turns two. This is a hard day for me, because it means Lucy is officially no longer a puppy. She is a DOG! But really, besides puppies being ridiculously cute, that is really all they have going for them. I do not miss the days of potty training, biting, chewing, or running across the apartment dragging the whole roll of toilet paper with her πŸ™‚

Its amazing, one day all that craziness just stopped. All of a sudden, she knew our routines, she knew what bugs us, she knew what we like. All of a sudden…she just became a dog.
This puppy has walked with me through some very hard times over the past two years, and my life has been better because she’s been in it. Forgive me for this cheesy post, but I just love my girl!
We are so lucky because we have gotten to see Lucy through every stage of her life. Her mom is Nick’s brother’s dog, so we knew she was coming before she was even conceived. We knew within the hour that she was born and got to immediately see pictures. She was the last of a litter of three…the smallest, and the only girl. (I have pictures from the day she was born, but I am too tired to find them and scan them in.)

Just as quickly as I could convince Nick to take me, we traveled to Arkansas to meet her. The picture above is the first time we saw Lucy, she was about three weeks old. Her eyes hadn’t even opened yet. By the end of the weekend, just before we left, she started opening her eyes and scooting around for the first time. I was the first one to notice her eyes were opening, as I was holding her, so I like to think we had a special connection from the start.
For a while, we weren’t sure if we would get one of the boys or the girl. We wanted the girl, but the owner of the dad dog got first dibs. It was a very tense few weeks waiting for her to decide if she wanted a puppy and if so, which one. My heart was set on that little girl πŸ™‚
Little known fact: had we gotten one of the boys, it would have been named Jude.
One night, Bryan (Nick’s brother) texted him, and asked: “Which song would you rather hear? Hey Jude or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?” Lucy it was!
Happy birthday Lucy Loo Jones!
aka LL Cool J
aka Lukey
aka Luke
aka Lucy Lootle
aka Lucy Goosey
aka Luce Goose
aka Goose
aka Loo Loo
aka Juicy
aka Ju Ju
aka Ju Ju Bean
aka Juge (so I still can sing “Hey Juge!”)

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