The beginnings of a house…

Today after work, I asked Nick if he wanted to drive by the lot (like we do almost every day). I almost added, “Even though nothing has changed.” Earlier today Nick was saying how it will be nice when we can drive by and something has actually happened.

Well, we totally weren’t expecting it, but a big something did happen! They began building our foundation!! We were completely shocked! And excited!

Its the beginning of a house! It is so nice to be able to actually SEE where its going to be, rather than just guessing. The best part was realizing we are going to be able to keep the little grove of trees at the front of the house. We thought they would have to come down, but the house is actually set back further than we thought.
Here’s a better view of the trees. To the left is where the garage will be. So that little grove of trees at the right will be surrounding the house, like a little cottage tucked away in the woods. Or at least, that is how I imagine it. 🙂

Here I am standing in the middle of our house. The view you see is the front of our house, with our across-the-street neighbors home being built right now.
And here’s Nick standing on the “patio,” overlooking our back yard which is going to have a lot of trees as well! We are so excited about the trees. I guess we should be. We are definitely paying for that wooded lot!!
Its so nice to finally see something is actually happening. Felt like this day would never come 🙂

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