The little things:

Well, this is the slow part of the construction. They are getting ready to put in the plumbing pipes and stuff, so not much is really happening. But I thought I would give an update, for chronology’s sake.

Friday: Ladies and gentlemen, we have dirt!
Sadly, the two trees that are circled days were numbered. When we drove by during lunch today, we saw them chopping them down. Sad day, but we pretty much knew it would happen since they were right in front of the garage.
But the important thing is that we still have this beautiful little grove of trees. I am pretty much in love with these and will cry if they cut them down.
To give you some perspective, these trees will be right in front of the house:

What is that? Did you notice something new? Yes, our dirt now has grooves in it. That’s pretty much as exciting as it gets around here right now.

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