Light, light, light up the sky…

As promised: a post about lighting.

I’ve gone a little crazy about light fixtures lately. Basically it all happened when I saw how ugly the ones that came with the house are. I am sure they are fine to most people, but I want something a little less standard.
So I started researching like a MAD WOMAN, trying to find lights that met my standards. At the same time, Nick started freaking out thinking of how much all of this will cost 😉 But we will do it a little at a time…I think I have my Valentine’s, anniversary and birthday presents already lined up 🙂
So, since I plan to use this blog as kind of a home improvement blog (my own little small-scale version of Young House Love, Thrifty Decor Chick and Bower Power, all of which I am thoroughly addicted to), I thought I would show some of my plans for future lighting.
First up, our tiny lantern on the garage. This would be fine if it were about three times the size.

But since it isn’t, I’m thinking something more along the lines of this:

or this:

The outside entry. Oh my, this little light is pathetic.

You’ve gotta admit, something like this will be much better:

Ahhh…so pretty 🙂

Next up, the entryway. In my opinion this light is pretty awful. Probably the worst of the whole bunch.
I want to do something a little more old world, upscale, lantern-like. Ya know, straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog (thats what you would call their style, right?)
I am torn between these two:

Today I am leaning more towards the first one. It is more modern and I think it will work better with more styles whenever I get the urge to redecorate.
This is the light that currently hangs above the kitchen table in the breakfast nook:
Again, it is between two options.
Option A looks like a group of mason jars, which I love. It is very upscale cottage (maybe THAT’S how you would define Pottery Barn’s style!). I’ve recently gotten really into the idea of repurposing antique mason jars. I just bought a kitchen soap dispenser and salt and pepper shakers that look like mason jars. But that got me worried that maybe those accessories plus the light fixture would be a little overkill. Which leads me to Option B.

It gives the same vibe without being quite so obviously a mason jar. It is also Nick’s pick because he thinks it would be a simpler installation. Also, as I was talking about with the entryway light, it is a little less taste-specific…meaning once I decide to redecorate, it will still probably work with whatever style I decide on.

Now for the dining room:
I am really excited about the dining room. It was actually the only major piece of furniture we have had to buy for the house, since the house we are in right now does not have a formal dining room. So we recently got a dining room table which I LOVE. I am going for this vibe for the dining room.

The table is dark and chunky like this picture’s, and I bought some white slipcovers for some chairs I already had (similar to the end chairs here). The table came with four dark brown wood chairs with a light brown suede upholstered seat. I wanted something with more contrast, so last night Nick and I tried our hand at reupholstering for the first time, and we redid the seats using a white fabric similar to the slipcovers. I will post before-and-after pictures eventually 🙂

But anyway, as you can see, the light fixture that is in the dining room now most definitely does not fit the vibe I am going for. I LOVE the round chandelier in my inspiration picture. I haven’t found a silver one, sadly. But I found one at Home Depot that fits my idea pretty perfectly. I think its going to look great!

So that’s it for now. There are also two pendant lights hanging above the kitchen bar counter that I want to replace, but I still haven’t really found an idea I like for those yet. Stay tuned…

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