All our bags are packed…

Well, after filling up a 26′ truck with all of our furniture and stuff, I take back my previous statement about not having too much. I could not believe we filled that thing up!


Packing up and moving out!

We move this Friday! Which means almost everything we own is now in boxes. A few things I have learned through this moving process:
– Almost all of my shoes can fit in one duffel bag.
– Everything we own (not including furniture) can easily fit in one (small) room.
– 90% of our medicine was expired.
– Being organized in life really speeds along the packing process. A lot of our stuff was already in nice plastic containers, so all we had to do was tape them up and we were done.
– We don’t have much useless clutter. This house had great storage space, and over half of the drawers/shelves/cabinets have been sitting empty all this time.
– That said, I still took this as an opportunity to further declutter and get rid of many things that I wonder why I had ever kept in the first place.
– We are both entitled to one “memory” box of sentimental items. Try to limit it to one box.
– You don’t need 95% of the stuff you have. We’ve had some things packed for over two weeks…haven’t even missed it.