Moving in

This post is quite belated, but I thought I’d better share some pictures of move in day before I dive into talking about decorating and home improvement projects.

We closed on the house Friday, January 14. Luckily, both of us were able to take the day off, which was wonderful! We wanted Lucy to be able to walk in for the first time with us, so we brought her from Hewitt to Belton with us that morning and dropped her off at one of Nick’s co-worker’s house. Then we went to the house for our final walk-through and orientation with the builder. After that, we had some time to kill, so we had a late breakfast at Chick-fil-A…yummy! Hard to believe, but that was only the second chicken biscuit I’ve ever had…and the first was only a few months ago!
Then we went to closing and signed lots and lots of paperwork. I wanted to get a picture of it, but the moment passed us by.
So finally, we had the keys and went to go pick Lucy up. I think part of why we wanted her there is because we had already been in the house nearly every day for the past 5 months, checking the progress. So it made going inside for the first time as homeowners more exciting if we could “show” it to Lucy for the first time.
So we got there and were all ready to go put the key in and open the door for the first time. We got out of the car and saw that the workers were still there mopping the floors! Talk about anti-climatic! So we went to the backyard and let Lucy run around while we waited about 20 minutes for them to finish mopping. It was cold and muddy outside, so we wanted to say “just forget the mopping…the second Lucy gets in there she will get mud everywhere.” Oh well!
Finally we got to go inside.
And took our first picture together as homeowners.
We immediately got to work painting. I wanted to get as much painting done as possible before we moved everything in on Saturday. Of course, I am always overly-ambitious. I thought we would be able to paint the living room ceiling, the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the two bathrooms all that day! Well, maybe I didn’t actually think it was possible…but that was the goal I was shooting for. What can I say…I aim high!
In the end, we were only able to get the first coat of paint on the living room ceiling, and paint the kitchen/breakfast nook area. But I was pleased we got those done.
So the next day we had six friends and family members help us move everything into our U-Haul. It was misty/raining the entire time, so we are sooo thankful to them for being willing to suffer through it to help us. It was a big undertaking, and we couldn’t have done it without them.
Once we were all packed up, everyone drove to the new house (about a 40 minute drive), where my parents were waiting with catered Chick-fil-A to say thank you for their help. They quickly helped us unload the U-Haul. It was official…we finally LIVE there!
My parents stayed that night and most of Sunday because my dad had to put in tv/cable outlets in the three bedrooms. Not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but we were very unpleasantly surprised to discover about halfway through the building process that these outlets don’t come standard in every room. They only come in the master bedroom and living room…any other extra outlets cost $80 a room. It made us very mad, because it seemed to be a way they just were trying to nickel-and-dime us. Thankfully, my cousin works in the cable business and was able to get us the materials for free, and my dad installed it for us. So it saved us tons of money!
Thankfully we had a three-day weekend due to MLK day (well, it was a four-day weekend for us since we took off Friday). So Nick and I spent the next day painting the master bedroom and unpacking. I was surprised how quickly I got everything unpacked. I was completely done by that Thursday! It really helps when you label all the boxes by room and have your movers put the boxes in the correct room when they unload. Organized packing is the way to go if you want to get done quick!
Next post will be pictures of the decorating we have done so far! Stay tuned…

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