On bookshelf accessorizing:

Our bookshelf is something I am challenging my default “decorating sensibilities” with. The first step I took (a couple of years ago) was changing around the orientation of the books. So, rather than lining them all in a straight line, I tried to vary between horizontal and vertical stacks (as you can see in the picture above).

Now, I am trying to edit out more books, and bring in more accessories. So I am slowly collecting objects for my bookshelf. So far I’ve found this cute little bird:

And this pretty ceramic pot (added after the overall picture at the top was taken):
My big dream is that one day we will build a built in tv cabinet with shelves on either side in the nook next to the fireplace. Something like this:

And then I will take my cues from Young House Love and accessorize like this (bold paint in the back and all):

But that is for one day in the very far-off future, when my dear husband is much more confident in his carpentry skills. We’ll get there one day, and for now, I will dream šŸ™‚

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