On nesting (tables, that is)…

I have been looking for some nesting tables for a few months now. I think they are cute and are really handy because you can pull out extra tables if needed.
My main goal with these tables was to add in some more dark wood and “modern” lines to help tie in with our tv stand, which you can see in this picture here:

It was between these two:

I was sooo close to getting the second option. I like the chunkiness of it. I was really afraid that the first ones would seem too flimsy, with their skinny legs. Nick pushed for the first option…probably because they were $100 cheaper. He said the others looked like something cheap you would get at IKEA (not that we have anything against IKEA, obviously). So in the end, I went with the cheaper ones, because they looked more expensive. Yeah.

I was pleased to see that when they are pushed together, they actually give off that”chunky” vibe I was going for. They coordinate really nicely with our TV cabinet. And I saved $100…so now I can feel free to spend that money on something else! (Just kidding…sort of…)

Also notice that the lamp in the above picture is white. When we bought the lamp, we ordered it out at a furniture store, and the light was on, so I thought it was a white lamp (the light made the cream look brighter). I was super disappointed when the lamp arrived and I realized it was more of a cream color.

Here is a not so great “before” picture.
I’ve never really liked this lamp due to this color confusion. But I knew I couldn’t replace it since we paid a lot of money for it. For that same reason, I didn’t feel right about spray painting it. But I finally decided that it was either spray paint it and it might get used, or put it in storage and get a new lamp…so I tried my hand at spray painting it. I also bought a smaller, white lampshade for it. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!

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