All tied up…

So in honor of Nick’s birthday (which was this weekend), I thought I would post a project that I can absolutely take no credit for. He came up with the idea and constructed it all on his own. The only thing I can take credit for is painting the final coat of white paint, and taking the photos 🙂

Nick has a love for ties that at one point seemed to almost borderline on obsessive. He was a tie-buying-fool for a while there. It was his way of making a “fashion statement.” The brighter, the bolder, the more trendy the better. Then sadly, his work decided to no longer make wearing ties mandatory. He was probably the only one that disappointed by this news.
Anyway, all that to say, he has quite the collection. He wanted something sturdy and permanant to store his ties, in an easy-to-view arrangement. And here’s what he came up with:

He cut a long piece of round wood into little pegs. Then he drilled a screw through the back of the wood plank into each peg to attach them (standing upright) to the plank. Then we just painted the whole thing white and attached it to the side of a shelf in our closet.

He took great care to organize all of his ties by color. Told you he had a lot of ties.
These just made for the prettiest pictures. So just indulge me for a minute while I show you my favorites.
So there you have it. This was a quick project that adds functionality to the closet. Its so easy now to see all of his tie options and just grab-and-go. Now if only Nick had more places to wear the ties…

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