Guest bathroom details:

The guest bathroom is really just a painted version of the bathroom we have had since we got married. Everything in this bathroom was stuff we received as gifts from our wedding registry. And I am happy to report I still love all of it today. (Decorating-wise I am always wanting to change things up, so that is quite an accomplishment.)
For old time’s sake, here was our very first bathroom in the apartment:

And here is the rental house’s guest bathroom:

And now it looks like this:

So not much has changed, but I must say, the painted walls do add some depth to the room! And I lovelovelove our dark brown vanity, it makes the white countertop really stand out. Having a framed mirror (rather than builder-grade) also makes a huge difference.

One thing you will notice that is lacking in our new house is a cabinet over the potty! It has been sorely missed in this new house, and installing one is definitely on our to-do list. I can’t wait to have that storage space back!
So now for the detail shots.
I love the soothing colors of the shower curtains and all of my mother-of-pearl accents, like the pretty curtain hooks:

And the frames with two of my bridal portraits:

The pretty coordinating towels:
And all of the mother-of-pearl accessories (all from Target, circa 2008):

What do you think? Not bad for a room that cost me nothing more than a $20 gallon of paint and a $60 framed mirror.

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