Keep on shining

So we have some updates on the lighting front: the terribly puny outdoor light is now gone!
The sad, little light of the past…

…has now been replaced with this:

It was kind of a spur of the moment purchase while at Lowes a couple of weeks ago. We are usually Home Depot people, so I hadn’t seen Lowes’ lighting selection. But while we were there shopping for plants (more on that later!), I realized they had some really attractive outdoor lighting options for very reasonable prices. We picked this one up for about $35. Who would’ve guessed such a cheap change could elevate the exterior so dramatically?

When deciding on the style of the light, I tried to pick something that would compliment the “rustic cottage” vibe of the house. But I also wanted something with modern lines. The square shape with the clean lines reads “modern,” while the oversized lantern top reads “rustic cottage,” so this lamp seemed to be the perfect fit. We both love how it looks on the house!

And in case you are wondering, Nick had no problems installing it at all. But that may be because he had already had “practice” installing another light fixture earlier that day. That post is up next! 🙂

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