One snail’s journey

Also could be titled “one sofa table’s journey.” (Melodramatic much?)

The first time I blogged about our entryway, this is what you saw:










Those of you very observant types may have noticed a change to the bottom shelf of the table when I blogged about our new light fixture:

Here’s a closer look:

I just wasn’t feeling the brown storage boxes that I had there originally. They looked kind of dark and dingy compared to the rest of the elements here, which are very light and airy, and even somewhat elegant. Plus this move got me really into being super-organized in my closets/drawers/cabinets (which I am planning to post about sometime soon), so I decided to use the storage boxes elsewhere.
I really struggled with trying to figure out what to put in place of the boxes. To be honest, I am still not completely happy with it and will more than likely change it once I find something that better suits the space, but until then, here’s what I came up with.
The two silvery squares hold candles. I bought these months before we ever moved because they had that “light and airy” look that I knew I wanted for the new house. Honestly, not my smartest purchase ever, because I just haven’t felt like they really go with the rest of the living room (where I have used more old-world rubbed bronze elements than I had originally anticipated). To be honest, the only reason these are now in this spot is because I want to use them somewhere so I can feel like I am getting my money’s worth for them.
I bought this teal box from Marshall’s basically as a space filler. I bought it with the intention of spray painting it white, but once I put it there, I liked the way the color worked, so there it stayed.
When I go on vacations, I collect postcards. I try to get a postcard from every place we visit on a single trip (museums, cool restaurants, etc). Its a super-cheap souvenir, and helps me remember where I’ve been. So my little collection has been sitting in a paper bag in a drawer for years now. My collection is finally growing to a size where it needed a true, dedicated spot for it. This teal box is now that spot. I love the way it elevates the postcards to more of a showpiece, rather than just junk sitting in a drawer 🙂
But wait. Isn’t this post titled “One snail’s journey” ? We haven’t even talked about a snail yet. Oh yes, here he is…
This snail was my attempt to be like my home decor blogger idol Sherry (from Young House Love). She’s got quite the collection of white ceramic creatures of all types (dogs, rhinos, rams, horses, squirrels….you get the picture). It looks so very chic, in a kooky sort of way. So when I saw this snail at Hobby Lobby, I figured I could try my hand at my very own white kooky animal accessory. (He originally was a bronze color, and I spray painted him white.)
This is one of those lessons of to-thine-own-self-be-true. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Mr. Snail, it just didn’t feel like me. I’m not really a kooky type. I am more of a white ceramic flower type, rather than a white ceramic rhinoceros type. Especially for this space. I just felt like it was a “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong” type moments…
Luckily, I had the perfect spot for Mr. Snail. A place you have already seen him before.

I feel like he fits in much better in the porches’ more casual environment. He was a little stark white when compared to the creams of the pillows and accessories out there, so he got yet another coat of spray paint and now is a lovely “almond” color.
As for what replaced him on the entryway table. Well, its still a work in progress. I bought some shiny white decorative balls, which I like for the elegant beach vibe they give off without being too literal. I placed them in this glass bowl that I already had as a temporary solution (I don’t feel like it is the right proportion size-wise to the teal box). So I am on the lookout for something that really pulls the look together. I’ll let you know once I finally figure it out.

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