An $11 solution…

So let me fill you in on how the decorating process works for me: a lot of the time, I see an inspiration picture in a catalog, and then I basically find a way to recreate it in my own home. Sometimes though, an idea just pops into my head and then I have to set out to find it (if it even exists!).
Thats what happened with this wall:
I knew I needed something dark to bring contrast to the white woodwork and light walls, to keep it all from reading to “pastel.” In my head, I envisioned a fairly large square-shaped dark wood carving of some sort. Easy enough, right? Well, how exactly do you google that? Not as easy as I thought. And I searched the wall art at every home decor store I could think of, with no luck for months. Seriously, where do I come up with these ideas?
Then one day I saw this at Kirklands:
Marked down from $29.99 (good price) to $10.99 (great price!).
What? Its not wood? Well, I figured a little spray paint could create a little “faux wood.” And if not, oh well! Its only $11.
So after a coat of the same brown spray paint I used on the kitchen chairs, I had this:
Looking a little one-note, eh? I thought so too. So I decided to bust out the ole acrylic paint in a slightly darker shade and fill in the flower design to give some depth to it. And I ended up with this:
Its not perfect, but I think it gives the illusion of carved wood. And its just the right size for the spot:










So there is my $11 solution for an empty wall. And all of this is leading up to a very exciting post about another new addition to our breakfast nook, coming up next!


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