A new project

As many of you have pointed out, yes, it has been a while (okay, more than just “a while!”) since I’ve last posted. Let’s just say I’ve had another big project I’ve been working on:

Kate Ainsley Jones will be here on or around February 23, 2012. And this little girl has taken every ounce of energy that I have once had for blogging.

And if you need any other excuses, here they go:

  • I had to switch from Blogger to WordPress, because for some reason my old Blogger page suddenly started taking 100 years to load. So welcome to our new WordPress home! But that definitely slowed me down because I frankly have just not had the energy nor the desire to set this account up/move everything over/mess with the layout.
  • I feel a little overwhelmed because I still have so many projects I never shared. That fact should’ve inspired me to get back on the bandwagon, but instead it just left me feeling paralyzed.
  • I spend all day at work on the computer, so the thought of spending even more time at home writing up a blog posts sometimes isn’t very appealing to me.

And the number one reason…

  • I haven’t exactly been able to do much in terms of home improvement since June, since I can’t paint, spray paint, stain, etc, etc. And for some reason, even thinking about home improvement/decorating has made me a little…well, nauseous. I know. Weird, but its true. I think its because during the sickest part of my pregnancy, I was still watching my fair share of decorating shows/reading decorating magazines/trying to finish up some projects, etc. So now it makes me feel sick by association. Hopefully that will change. Eventually. I’m still waiting.

But I am happy to report that I am now in what my doctor refers to as the “honeymoon” portion of my pregnancy. I feel much, much more like myself than I have in a good four months. I actually have energy and motivation. During the first trimester, all I wanted to do was lay in bed. I had no motivation to do anything, which is very unlike me. I started to feel nauseous around week 8 or 9. I am extremely lucky that I never threw up, but I was constantly queasy the entire day. I’ve never felt so consistently yucky for so long. It was miserable.

I am 23 weeks now and luckily the nausea has subsided. I still feel queasy when hungry (which is often), but it is nothing like the all-day constant sick feeling I had before. Its also fun now because I’m now able to feel the baby move, that helps the whole thing feel a lot more real and exciting.

At 17 weeks, we had our “big” ultrasound and found out it is a GIRL!! I still can hardly believe it. To say I wanted it to be a girl is a bit of an understatement. I was begging and PLEADING for it to be a girl. And I thought for sure I would have a boy just because I wanted a girl “too much.”

But luckily she didn’t make her mom wait AT ALL. When my doctor started the ultrasound, the very first shot we saw was the classic “gender shot,” on display for all the world to see! So I was able to relax and just enjoy the rest of the ultrasound which was amazing.

She was extremely cooperative the entire ultrasound (our doctor calls her an “over-achiever” because he is always able to find the heartbeat on the Doppler right away, and during the ultrasound she was always in just the right position for him to check out her anatomy). Everything measured right on track and she seems to be developing properly, so that would have been our only ultrasound, but we were extremely lucky and heard about a FREE program with a local college, where you can volunteer to allow a student training to be an ultrasound technician perform an ultrasound on you. We had that done at 21 weeks and it was AMAZING. She had grown so much in the month in between the two ultrasounds. The thing I kept commenting about were how much longer her limbs seemed the second time. She was also a lot more active which was fun to watch. And they were able to double-check and confirm that indeed, she is a girl!

They gave us tons and tons of photos, and four videos! I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to see her again.

Another sweet profile image. I thought the profiles from the earlier ultrasound looked like me, but I think this one looks like Nick, so who knows!

I think this picture is beyond cool (although my sister says its creepy). This is a picture of her nose and lips looking at them straight on, verses a profile shot. I think it makes them look much more 3D!

Look at that little arm!

Our little "Cru Baby" is already throwing up the 'C'!

And then, this video is just beyond cool, so I have to share. You can see her squirming around and using all of those limbs!

So that’s whats been going on with us lately. I will update soon with details from our gender reveal party, nursery decorating progress and hopefully some updates on the house projects that have been sitting in my “to be blogged about” folder for over 5 months now! Yikes. Sorry guys!