Gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are a new trend, and I seriously recommend them. It has been the by far the most fun event of my pregnancy so far. A lot of couples elect to find out the gender at the party at the same time as the guests do (by having the doctor put the gender in a sealed envelope and taking it to a baker to make the cake/cupcakes). That seemed like a lot of hassle to me, plus I knew that I could not emotionally handle the idea of finding out in front of 20+ people as all eyes were on me. I knew I would need time to digest the information on my own before spreading the news to the world.

So we found out we were having our sweet Kate on a Thursday, and basked in the glow of this little secret for a couple of days before making our big announcement at our gender reveal party on Saturday. (Much to the torture of my mom, and trust me, she tried multiple times to get me to crack and tell her early!)

Luckily this was right at the time when my energy was (finally!) somewhat returning, so I was able to go all out with the decorations and theme, which let me tell you was a great distraction for me in the weeks leading up to the big ultrasound. I was definitely very, very nervous about finding out the gender, so this took my mind off of it a bit. I will confess the vast majority of the details were a complete and total copy of a party I found online. I even used the same etsy vendors for the cupcake wrappers and poms that she lists on the website.

I liked the idea of a yellow and orange theme since those are the classic “gender neutral” colors. I made the invitation to look exactly like the one showcased on the blog above, with little yellow and orange giraffes.

My favorite part of the invitations was the transparent strip I slipped over the whole card that said “boy or girl?” Inside, it said:

Come be the first to know!

Please join us for a gender reveal party

for Baby Jones

Saturday, September 17

2 p.m.

Our address

(Cast your vote for PINK or BLUE by wearing the color of your choice to the party)

For the cupcakes, I used a Betty Crocker box mix that they sell at Walmart called ‘Fun-da-middles’ that comes with instructions and an icing you can bake right inside. So I just used food coloring to make the icing pink before baking. Of course when I have a theme I take it and run with it, so I had to have some yellow icing and orange sprinkles to really complete the look 🙂

I designed the little card that said “What’s inside? Pink or Blue?” using the same font and colors as the invitation. Then I attached it to orange cardstock and put a stick in the middle.

In the same spirit of taking a theme and running with it, all the drinks were orange and yellow as well. (Fanta soda, orange sherbet punch and lemonade with orange slices.) Oh and I topped the cups with orange sprinkling sugar (the trick for doing this is to dip the cup’s rim in lemon juice before dipping it into the sugar).

I decided to do a “Popcorn Bar” because it seemed like an easy, crowd-pleasing snack to go with cupcakes. I thought it’d be fun to pick from the assortment of the many, many flavors offered at a popcorn place in Mesquite (my in-laws picked it up for us on their way). 

The flavors we went with were Original Buttery, White Cheddar, Cinnamon Toast and Caramel Corn. I made labels for each container and attached them to a ribbon which I tied around the container. 

I didn’t get a very good picture of the “Boy or Girl?” banner I made (besides this pre-party set up picture). But it was basically made out of scrapbooking paper, then I printed and glued on the letters. I had a hard time attaching the bunting to the ribbon, and eventually ended up hand-sewing each triangle top to the ribbon.

I also printed out all of our sonogram pictures for a fun little decoration for our fireplace. It gave people a chance to look and guess what he/she is before we made the big announcement. 

Of course, couldn’t resist tying in the theme colors by adding some of my leftover scrapbooking paper to the tops of the clothespins. 

So once everyone arrived and we took pictures of who was on Team Blue and who was on Team Pink, everyone got a cupcake and we all bit into it at the same time. And…well you know the rest 🙂

By far, my favorite reaction of the day was my mom’s who has been calling the baby “she” since the moment she knew I was pregnant. How is it that moms are always right??

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