Its all in the details

So when we left off, I had imperfectly finished stenciling the dining room walls (to be finished once this baby is no longer baking inside of me!). Now for the little details that really finish off a room. And actually, the decorating is still not done either, but here’s an update so far.

First up, we had to get rid of the light that Nick and I both collectively agreed was the ugliest amongst the many ugly builder-grade lights that came with the house. Behold, the world’s smallest chandelier:

I always had a vision of a big, round, rustic, somewhat old world chandelier in here. And I was able to find a pretty close match at So, say goodbye to the ugly chandelier.

(Hey, if you want it, you could probably still find it at the Austin ReStore. We cracked up when we saw that they marked it for sale for $10 just moments after we had donated. They really recognize a quality piece when they see it!)

And hello, new chandelier:

One change we did make was the “candlesticks” were originally a strange blonde wood color. So Nick kindly spray painted them white for me.

Ahhh, much better ๐Ÿ™‚

Notice another new detail in the above picture? Nick built me two picture ledges and stained the wood for me. All of the frames are from IKEA.

In the picture below you can get a good look at one of my sloppily stenciled corners, AND Nick’s first attempt at crown moulding! Yes, he installed crown moulding in this room and it looks GREAT!

As soon as I can (i.e. when I am no longer pregnant) I will fix those sloppy corners and I also want to add one more row of stenciling to go right up to the crown moulding. And while we are talking about future plans, here are a couple more:

First of all, the wall directly opposite my picture ledge wall is still completely bare. I plan to add four mirrors on that wall, ala Katie Bowerย (whose dining room, below, has served as inspiration this whole time).

But the really major thing I plan to do is add french doors to the opening, which has been in the plans since before we even started building. And of course, I can’t just stop there. I want to add a transom window on top of the doors to hopefully bring in a bit more of an airy feeling to make the room feel larger. Here’s a picture example of what I am talking about:

Basically in order to do this, we will have to make the opening taller, which requires some structural work that is above our heads (ha! pun intended), so we are going to have to hire a handyman to complete this project for us. I’ve already priced out the transom with the doors and its not too terribly expensive, so its just a matter of biting the bullet and hiring someone to get ‘er done.

Won’t that be pretty? One day ๐Ÿ™‚


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