A belated “before”

So we are currently in the process of redecorating our bedroom. And, yes, I have never even posted pictures of the bedroom on the blog. So, consider this a “before” post so that when we eventually get done, it can be used as a frame of reference for what will hopefully be an amazing “after post.”

Okay, now, I am going to defend myself. Because, I know some people are thinking “geez, you only moved into the house last January! You’re ALREADY redecorating??” Yes, Nick said the same thing. But here are my reasons:

1. Since we have been married, we have lived in three different places. Every single time, our bedroom has looked exactly the same (I will have photographic evidence of this later in this post). And yes, it has only been four years, but I am ready for a change.

2. We bought all of our bedroom furniture on a newlywed budget, and so therefore they are all cheap IKEA pieces that we did eventually plan to upgrade. And because said pieces have been moved to three different locations, they are kind of falling apart. (For example, the dresser drawers don’t support the weight of the clothes and buckle in the middle; the bed frame sometimes collapses on one side when you sit down too hard.)

3. Under the same vein, we used the same full-sized mattress Nick had at his college apartment, with eventual plans to upgrade to a larger size for that as well.

4. I was able to repurpose/reuse every piece of furniture in other areas of our house (I will get to that part later as well).

Okay, so now for the pictures. Here was our “master bedroom” (aka: ONLY bedroom) in our first apartment:

Cute right? Yeah I really liked it. The bedding was all wedding gifts from our registry, the furniture was the perfect size for the room, and we had the canvas printed with one of our engagement pictures.

The other side of the room:

That TV cracks me up. I forgot we even had that enormous monstrosity until I went back and looked at these pictures. Funny how technology looks so dated in such a short amount of time!

And a picture of Nick setting up the bed frame, just because its cute:

So then we moved to the rental house, and transplanted this exact same room into that master bedroom:

I also added a cute chair that had almost the same exact pattern as our sheets (see it in the left-hand corner in the above photo?) Oh, and we got a much sleeker, better looking TV (below):

So that brings us up to the present. Again, we moved everything and set it up pretty much the exact same way. But this time we could paint! Which really helped tie everything together:

I also added some frames, roman shades and brown curtains that almost perfectly coordinated with the bedding:

So it all looked very tied together. But if you notice, this room is pretty different compared to the rest of the house. A lot darker and more “earthy-toned.” Not very me. I was making all of my selections to go with the bedding, which I loved. But it is not exactly the bedroom I dream of.

Once we started planning for the nursery, I started seeing lots of pictures (on Pinterest, duh) of nurseries using our IKEA dresser as a changing table/dresser. I hope this doesn’t seem selfish, but it seemed like the right time to upgrade our bedroom furniture and move the dresser to the nursery. Nick did some work on the dresser to hopefully stabilize the drawers better (as I mentioned earlier, they buckle under the weight off too many clothes). Also, I figured baby clothes would be a lot lighter 🙂

We also decided to upgrade from a full to a queen-sized mattress. This house’s master bedroom is quite a bit larger than the other two were, so our little full-sized bed just always seemed tiny in the room. You can even tell from the electrical outlet near the chair that the room was designed for a larger bed (probably larger than a queen-sized bed as well, but I wasn’t interested in getting a HUGE bed).  

So I decided it would be great to move this bed and the nightstands into our sparsely-furnished guest bedroom, which currently had two twin sized beds in it. Yay for repurposing furniture, but if you do decide to stay in our guest bedroom, be forewarned that one side of the bed might collapse if you sit down too hard. (But I promise we have tried to fix it, so it probably won’t happen…I hope!).

So there you go! Our master bedroom. Don’t get too attached because its already a-changin’! We have the new furniture, the new mattress, new bedding, and as we speak, Nick is working to frame out the window with moulding. The room is a mess right now, but at least progress is being made! I will keep you updated. 🙂

P.S. I have two other (small) “before” master bedroom projects sitting in my “to be blogged” folder. This post already seems too long so I will be back shortly with those!

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