A couple of small projects

I’m back with a couple of updates we made to our master bedroom (just to get you up-to-date right before we change everything! Haha!)

First up was a solution to fix the first thing in this brand-new house that fell apart. For some reason, the builder chose to give us two tiny “french doors” leading into the master bathroom, rather than one standard size door. I pretty much hate them. They are so hard to open and always seem to get stuck! So it didn’t take long before all of that yanking to open the doors caused one of the handles to fall off.

And also, if you think about it, those handles really are too large in proportion with the doors anyway. That type of door probably would look better with knobs, rather than two standard-size door handles. So we decided to change them out.

A little closer:

And even closer still:

Aren’t they pretty? They will stay even after the bedroom redo, and actually will probably go better with the new decor then than they do now.

But for the sake of keeping it real, I must say, even these knobs have fallen off due to the door sticking/pulling situation. (The one that fell off is on the bathroom side, not the bedroom side). Honestly, at some point I just want to get rid of these doors and put in a regular door. These are just not very functional and don’t seem to even add that much visually in my opinion. Don’t really understand the builder’s logic with this choice…

In other project news, I found a really cute bench to put on the end of the bed. I didn’t ever take a really good picture of it before our redecorating process started. I’m sorry! But, you can kind of see it in the picture below. I felt the bench looked a little empty and needed a bolster pillow to fill some space. I knew I would never find one that I felt adequately matched, so of course, I just “made” my own.

I bought this cheap bolster pillow from Target. I already had an extra pillow case (having a puppy in our first year of marriage who liked to chew meant I had to buy lots of replacement bedding). So I decided I would cover the pillow with the fabric from this pillow case.

Now, I don’t own a sewing machine (I’m sure I would love it if I had one, but frankly they scare/intimidate me), so everything was handsewn. None of this is the recommended method. Its just the way I did it.

First I took the fabric from the backside of the pillow case to cover the ends. I wanted to retain the bumped up edge, so I pinned the fabric around it, and sewed around that. Yes, it took forever. I’m patient like that.

But wouldn’t you be if you had such a cute companion “helping” you too?

Once I had both of the ends sewn on, I just took the fabric from the front of the pillowcase and wrapped it (inside out) as tightly as I could around the pillow, pinned the edges and got to sewing.

Once it was done, I took it off, flipped it so the fabric was facing the right way (for a perfect seam), and slipped it back over the pillow. Then I sewed the edges to the fabric ends so it would stay in place. 

I never actually took a “final” picture (can you tell this bench/pillow project happened right when I got pregnant??), but here is a picture of it in our guest bedroom now. Just try to visualize it in our painted master bedroom instead. 🙂

However, we do not plan to keep the bench in the guest bedroom. I want to reupholster it and use it in the master bedroom. So I don’t know what the fate of this little bolster pillow will be, since it matches the now-guest bedroom bedding. All I know is right now it is serving as a terrific (and much cheaper) pregnancy pillow than those Boppy wedges they sell! Man, I would’ve never guessed those things would be so pricey! I just can’t seem to bite the bullet to buy one.

And with that, this post has come to an end. How is that for a dynamic ending? 🙂

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