And finally…

Since I am now officially considered “full-term,” I guess it might be time for a nursery post, huh??

Yes, I know…finally. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked when I would post about the nursery. And with my perfectionist tendencies, my answer was always “not until it’s done.” I don’t know if pregnancy has slowed me down or what, but this nursery seemed to take forever. (We’ve also been working on our master bedroom at the same time…hopefully I will have a post about that soon too. I’m really loving how it is coming along!)

So, this post will just be your standard “nursery reveal” pictures and general chatter, then I will write up some additional posts later with details about some of the DIY projects I took on.

Here we go…564701_640288246891_1142318830_n I wish I had some before pictures of this room, but I do not believe I took even one photo of it before we started working on it. This is the room that our builder called the “flex room.” If anyone has any idea what makes a room a “flex room” instead of just a “bedroom,” please enlighten me, I really would like to know. The only thing I can guess is that this room is TINY. I mean seriously, so small. Which I thought would be great for a cozy little nursery, but by the time we got halfway into the process, I seriously started questioning why on earth I chose the smallest room in the house, when we have two “regular” sized rooms sitting right beside it (the office and the guest bedroom). Space planning this room was tricky and the furniture is more snug than I generally would’ve placed it, but in the end, I think it all worked out.


Basically we always had this room reserved as the future nursery, so it had a few items in it but was basically empty. I’m pretty proud of myself for not turning it into a “junk room,” it made life a lot easier when we had to clear everything to get started on decorating! The big “nursery kick-off” was the window. Nick framed it up with moulding and I LOVE it. It only took him one Saturday afternoon too, so it was a pretty quick project. Eventually all of the windows in the house will look like this. Love, love, love.

The above picture is the only one you will see in this post from this angle, because that big empty chair sans pillow bothers me more than it probably should. I will (soon?) be ordering a personalized pillow for that spot from this website that looks like this:

Being my usual impatient self, I tried to convince Nick to let me order it early and we would just “guess” what she would look like (in addition to the name, you get to personalize the hair and eye color). Obviously, he told me that was a ridiculous idea. So I have to wait until she is born. What are you guessing, redhead or blonde?? 🙂

**Update** Once I finally convinced myself that this little girl would not have blue eyes, but instead took after her daddy and has green eyes, I finally ordered the pillow I’d been dreaming of as a Christmas gift for Kate. It totally completes the room! So sweet 🙂

IMG_1981    IMG_1987

The crib is from the Baby Mod line at Walmart (yep, Walmart. Who would’ve guessed!? The rocker is from there as well). I wanted something with very clean, contemporary lines. And I promise, I really (REALLY!) did not realize this was the same crib that John and Sherry picked for Clara over on Young House Love until after we had ordered it! (Although Nick can testify, I got really excited when I realized they picked the same crib…just further proof we are destined to be best friends! Just kidding…sort of… :))

Even though the walls look pink in the pictures, they are actually coral (more on the orange side of pink). Thanks to both my mom and Nick for painting the walls. My mom graciously offered to paint the room for us, but the shade of coral I picked first was just too saturated and made all the other colorful elements and fabrics I wanted to bring in seem like color overload. So I ended up convincing (begging) Nick to repaint it. This is the exact same color, but I had the guy mix it 50% lighter this time, and it ended up just perfect!


Many of you die-hard Pinterest users probably will recognize a lot of my ideas as direct copies from there. Yeah, I have no shame. This wall of embroidery hoops is a complete Pinterest rip-off and was basically the inspiration for the entire room. I wanted the nursery to feel a bit whimsical and vintage. Girlie but not babyish.

It was a super-easy, super-cheap project, although I must admit I struggled a bit with selecting fabrics that coordinate but do not match (I’m still conquering my  “matchy-matchy” tendencies!)


The bedding was also another area I struggled with. I seriously considered paying for custom bedding on Etsy, but after doing some reading up on baby safety I kept seeing the same message: excess bedding items such as bumper pads and blankets are not recommended due to suffocation hazards, all you really need is a fitted sheet. I also think cribs look a bit more modern without bumper pads. So in the end, I decided it wasn’t worth the $200+ to go the custom bedding route.

But that meant I would have to find sheets that would fit my vision. And let me tell you, the big name baby stores have slim pickings when it comes to “contemporary, whimsical, not too babyish” bedding. I finally found these crib sheets from Jill McDonald (Babies R Us). I like all the use of colors, which gives it a whimsical feeling.

I wanted green to be the secondary color of the room (to balance out the girlie-ness of the pink), so I made my own crib skirt using these instructions from Young House Love. It was a super-simple, no-sew project and I love how the green balances out the girlieness of the bedding.


As I have mentioned before, we used the IKEA dresser that used to be in our master bedroom (with the added benefit of getting to “upgrade” our own bedroom furniture…is that selfish of us?? :)) I just kept seeing so many cute nurseries on Pinterest using this exact dresser, and I wanted to try my hand at modifying ours to work in here. I replaced all the knobs with these fun girlie ones from Hobby Lobby (I got them all at 50% off). I love that they add a vintage vibe and the top knobs have a fun splash of color which ties in nicely with the wall color.

IMG_2021 IMG_2023

We just added a changing pad (which includes instructions on how to secure the pad to a dresser, so it is nice and sturdy on there), and suddenly the dresser seemed like it had been made for a nursery.

I received these cute little birdie rattles as a gift (I just love them!) and really wanted to use them on the dresser, but they refused to stand up on their own, so I ended up securing little ribbon tags to the changing pad cover so that I could attach them and force them upright. They have little velcro ties, so they are easily removable so the baby can play with them while she is being changed.


The art above the changing table is probably my personal favorite aspect of the room (what can I say, I am a graphic design junkie, stuff like that gets me excited).

This verse just chokes me up. Isn’t it amazing that even when this baby was the size of a sesame seed, God already knew exactly who she was and had great plans for her? Wow.


Obviously the dates and birth details will have to be changed and reprinted once she arrived. But I wanted to see the “finished” product, so I went ahead and guessed. To be safe, I went with the due date, then I predicted the time and size. It will be fun to see how close I am! I know the 6 lbs 8 oz is just wishful thinking. The doctor is predicting she will be 7.5 or 8 lbs. Oy.

I found this frame at IKEA and I really like it because it is such a departure from my norm! It really lends the “vintage” vibe and I like how the circular frame breaks up the contemporary, straight lines of the other two frames. I got the idea for making the silhouette art from Clara’s nursery on YHL. It was super simple to create: I just googled “baby silhouette” and picked my favorite image. Then I put some tracing paper directly over the computer screen and traced the image (sorry to all the computer nerds out there that are cringing over me doing that to the monitor…I promise, I traced it very lightly!!). Then I cut out the drawing, and used it as a stencil to cut the same image out on black cardstock. I taped that baby to some pretty scrapbooking paper, popped it in the frame and called it a day. Its super-cute. Can’t wait to see what she really looks like. I can say with some certainty she wont have nearly that much hair 😉


Yes, I made my own mobile. And this is actually one project I didn’t copy. I just came up with it all on my own, using the leftover fabric from the embroidery hoops and hand-sewing all the birds. I will do a more detailed, step-by-step post about this soon.

But wait! There is a whole wall you haven’t even seen yet:


Since this room is so absolutely tiny, I really struggled with what to do with this wall. I wanted a bookshelf (or even better, built-ins!), but there was just no room if you still wanted to be able to actually walk around. Haha. So I came up with the idea of floating shelves, so that it wouldn’t take up any additional floor space, but would still provide lots of storage. And my amazing carpenter of a husband built them for me. 🙂

I am going to do a few gratuitous pictures of all of the books, just because they are so cute and colorful that they make me happy.

So I wanted to use the top shelf to house some of the decorative, breakable things I wouldn’t want the baby to get a hold of. Two of my sweet friends took me to a paint-your-own ceramics place and we each painted an item for the nursery. So fun. I’m so lucky to have such great friends! So here are our creations: I painted the owl and Elizabeth did the cute little birdie.


I had to be really creative with figuring out how to prop these little guys up so they would be seen. I created this pedestal out of a card box top and an old glass lightshade that I spray painted green.


My friend Jessa painted this little butterfly, which I absolutely adore. I love how it looks like it is flying away–it adds the perfect amount of whimsy to this wall.


I also created this alphabet art in Illustrator (using inspiration I found on Pinterest).


I love this little project. Nick’s mom gave me a pair of shoes he wore as an infant and I knew I wanted to do something special with them. So I put them in a shadow box from IKEA with some cute scrapbook paper behind it. I also printed out his name and birthdate. Wouldn’t it be fun if Kate was born on his birthday? Although, I must say, the way I’ve been feeling, I seriously doubt she will hold off that long. She seems to be getting ready for her grand exit already (but what do I know?? That could just be the eager first-time mom in me talking).

A few other details:


Despite the already cramped quarters of this room, I felt that I would most likely need a small table to set drinks or whatever while I am sitting in the rocker with the baby. My vision was something with traditional, curvy, feminine lines (I am starting to realize this room should be termed ‘contemporary vintage whimsy,’ because it seems like the theme I keep going back to is balancing out the contemporary lines with more “vintage-looking” pieces). Anyway we struggled to find a small table that fit this bill. We finally found this one for an amazing $25 at this store in Dallas called The Christmas Tree Shop (that name is incredibly deceptive, by the way. We went into it thinking we would stock up on cheap Christmas decorations–apparently Christmas is not really the point of the store. Its more like a Big Lots with a little bit of everything for super, super cheap.) Nick spray painted the table (which was originally white) a green color, just because I thought it would be a bit more fun if it was a bright color.

The lamp is part of the Jill McDonald line that coordinates with the crib bedding. I asked Nick to spray paint the base white (it was a cream color). I have debated recovering the lampshade with a contrasting color (the pink is too close to the color of the walls for my liking), but that seems like a lot of work so I think that at least for now I will just live with the pink.

The giraffe living on the shelf under the side table will always hold a special place in my heart because we got him before we even knew for sure that we were pregnant. He doesn’t really “go” with the rest of the nursery, since everything else is more treetop forest animals (like birds, owls and butterflies), but I love him just the same. He used to be silver but we spray painted him white (notice a spray paint theme surrounding this table??). I guess this table is for the animal misfits since the piggy bank doesn’t exactly go with the theme either. At least they are in good company together 🙂

**Updated** Once Kate was born, one of my friends gave me this beautiful needlepoint project with her name and birthdate. The colors and style matched perfectly in the nursery, so now they have a home in the nursery as well. I love it, its the perfect touch 🙂  310351_640288306771_1271434293_n


So, that wraps it up. Next up, the closet!


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