Organization is kind of my thing

So if you were to ask me if I seem to be “nesting,” I would say not really if you are talking in the traditional sense of cleaning the baseboards and scrubbing the grout (though I have done a bit more of that lately than I normally would). My version of nesting seems to be more of the organizing variety. I have gone absolutely crazy with organizing cabinets and closets lately. Everything. Must. Have. A. Basket. I’ll elaborate more on my efforts in subsequent posts, but for now lets talk nursery closet.

Remember how I said in my nursery reveal post that the room was basically empty before we started this process? Well, the closet was another story. It was the place where everything that didn’t have another place to go went to live. Again…should’ve taken a before picture, but the first major project was clearing the closet and figuring out where to put all the plastic bins, games, and just random JUNK that had been living in this closet. I finally found spots for everything (basically relocating to the attic, office closet or guest room closet), but it was frustrating because I hate feeling like I am living with clutter.

So once the nursery closet was empty, I could finally start fulfilling my crazy Everything. Must. Have. A. Basket. nesting tendencies.

Come inside and take a look:

(First of all, please ignore that the pedestal on the top shelf of the bookshelf is white in this picture, I decided later that it needed to be green to balance out the green frame. Much better right?) 

Most of these wonderful storage cubbies/bins were a gift from my very generous mom (from Babies R Us). It was so fun setting the closet up and deciding on a spot for everything. The thing I love most about bins is that you can corral a bunch of little odds and ends and everything still looks so sharp, clean, and clutter-free.

Goodness, do you think this little girl will have anything to wear??

Naturally, the clothes all have to be organized by size, so I made these little labeled dividers (0, 3, 6, 9, 12). And the hangers had to be pretty so I added a little birdie to each one. I will post more about both of these projects later.

The accessory frame was another project idea I got from Pinterest. Nick painted the frame (which was white) with the wall color paint, then screwed little hooks to the bottom to hold the headbands. Yeah I may have just a few headbands for her. The baby’s gonna need them. With her genes she is destined to be bald until age 2!

Then I hot glued some green ribbon to the back of the frame to hold the bows and clips (not to mention her shades!). Then I just hung the frame with ribbon and a nail.

By the way that cute little framed “K” was a gift made by my friend Jessa (yes the same Jessa who painted my favorite little butterfly above our shelves of books). Isn’t it sweet? I swear, Kate is a lucky girl, I’ve never in my life had a closet this pretty (or organized!). Although I must admit, I am already contemplating painting the walls in here at some point. Wouldn’t that make it just that much prettier?? 🙂


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