Stick a fork in it and call it DONE!

This feels like it has been the longest room makeover ever, but the master bedroom makeover that I talked about in this post is finally finished. We started the process in October and finally finished in March. I usually am more of the “fast and furious” decorator, but pregnancy definitely took the wind out of my sails, especially because I had to depend on Nick to do all the “manual labor.” So this was a slow and steady project, and props to my husband for really doing most of the work in bringing my vision to life.

All that to say, I think this might be my favorite room! Probably because the room went from so “not me” (dark, earthy tones), to something that I feel now actually represents my taste.

So here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

But the really fun part was living like this in the middle (what a mess!):

First, we took our old dresser, changed out the knobs and moved it into the nursery:

Then we moved the bed, nightstands, curtains, bedding, lamps and wall art into the guest bedroom to finish that room out. So everything in the room got repurposed, which I am pretty proud of. I feel like it justifies us buying the new, more substantial furniture for our bedroom.

So step number one was finding a new dresser and nightstands. Furniture shopping in Central Texas is always a challenging experience because there are very few options that are modern enough for my taste. But we finally found a nice, rich dark brown contemporary dresser/nightstand set and were able to shave off a couple hundred bucks (and get the mirror for free) by having them price match it with a Waco store. Then, when they delivered it, one of the drawers was broken (a really easy problem that Nick was able to fix in about 15 minutes), and when we called them to let them know it was delivered to us broken, and they shaved off an extra $75! So I feel like we got a pretty good deal on the furniture. And I am very pleased with the look of it. It is contemporary enough to suit our tastes, plus its so nice to have something that feels more substantial than our flimsy IKEA furniture!

So the next step was upgrading from our full-sized bed to a queen. We bought the mattress and metal frame, and then (3 months later!) we made a headboard for it (which saved us tons of money and was so easy!).

Next, I batted my eyes very sweetly and convinced Nick to frame out our three windows. I guess he has a soft spot for pregnant women because he actually agreed.

Here’s the before:

Nick started by removing the three window ledges. I wanted the windows to be framed out so they looked like one cohesive unit, rather than three separate windows. We figured removing the ledges would make life a lot easier since we could just run one long strip of moulding down at the bottom. The ledges were nothing but dust collectors anyway.

It is amazing to me how every project Nick takes on goes so much smoother than the last. It really goes to show, don’t give up. With each project, you learn tricks that help make the next project easier. I am so proud of how these windows look. I think the room feels much richer and more finished with woodwork around the windows.

Next up was choosing a paint color. I’ve been dreaming of light and airy grey walls for a couple years now. After the nursery fiasco (having to repaint the entire room because the first color was a bit too bright), I decided I better get some test paint and live with the color for a while before making my final decision.

We started with the color on the top, but it felt a too close in color to the white doorframe. I decided I wanted something a little more obviously grey (rather than grey-white), so back to the Depot we went for another paint tester. We both felt like the bottom color was more of what we had in mind, so now it was time for Nick to paint the room all by himself. Poor guy. Seriously, he hates to paint, and this is a really large room. I am still in awe that he agreed to do it with very little complaining. 😉 And notice how much lighter the two samples on the wall in the photo above make the room look. Plus it really helps the dark furniture stand out.

We made our own headboard, reupholstered the bench and DIY-ed curtains in the same white fabric (for more detailed instructions, check out this post). I am always a fan of repeating elements in a room several times so it looks intentional. And we saved so much money by repurposing the bench and making our own headboard and curtains! Plus I probably never would have been able to find separate pieces that coordinated enough to make me happy.

Our final big project was adding crown moulding. Nick actually did this project after Kate was born (she was probably 2 weeks old at the time). I am so relieved that having a baby hasn’t seemed to be an excuse to not get things done! Wahoo, my husband rocks! 🙂

We both agree, this crown moulding is the best project Nick has done to date. It really finishes off the room. I am in love.

Now for some gratuitous detail shots (and a source list of where we got everything) to serve as the grand finale for this 6-month long redecorating process!

I just love how the bedroom looks from the kitchen/living room. It really flows with the rest of the house now and has that light and airy feel that I love.

One of my big victories was convincing Nick to hang the tv instead of having it sitting on our dresser (as we always have before). Since we didn’t have an electrical outlet up high, Nick ran the cords down the corner of the wall and then covered it with a piece of wood painted the same color as the walls. Its discreet enough that it doesn’t bug me too much, but we are thinking of buying some wall texture to spray on it (and then repaint again) so that it will hopefully blend in even better with the walls.

The frame is from the store where we bought the furniture (was it called Oak Express?), the white ceramic piece is from Marshall’s, and the wood box from Target (many years ago), clock is from Target, and ceramic vases and sticks are from Hobby Lobby.

The chair and pillow are both from Target. The mirror was the same one from IKEA that used to be above our dresser. I’ve been dying to have a floor-legnth mirror, so we stood it up vertically. Its so nice to be able to see how my shoes look with my outfit now. Seriously! Its life-changing.

I hope to eventually get a floor lamp to squeeze into the corner behind the chair to really “complete” that little seating area.

The back two pillows are from Target, the front pillow is from Hancock Fabric. The bedding is all from Target.

The lamp is from IKEA. The frames and little purple flower thing are both from the furniture store (they served as the color pallet inspiration for the whole room).

The frames on the walls, starburst mirror and purple blanket are also all from Target (man, I am keeping that store in business, huh!?).

So there you have it. Master bedroom redo = done! Its so nice to see the wish list of ideas I’ve had for many years finally come to life in here. This bedroom makes me so happy, and in the end, that is exactly what the room where you wake up every morning should do!

One thought on “Stick a fork in it and call it DONE!

  1. It looks AMAZING! I love the light airy feel. And I’m so impressed by what Nick did with the windows. Framing them out makes the rooms so much more “complete.” Great job!

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