How we got there

So now that you have seen the final “reveal” of our master bedroom, here is a short(ish) post explaining a bit more of the “how to” process of making the headboard/reupholstering the bench/making the curtains. I must confess, I don’t feel like I am great about writing out how-to instructions, but I provided links that helped me get ‘er done, so hopefully that will help if you are thinking about taking on a similar project.

We saved so much money by making our own headboard rather than purchasing an entire bed frame. And let me tell you, it was so easy! I had been so intimidated by this project, I thought it would be so much more difficult, and it actually turned out to be one of the easiest projects we’ve tackled! I pretty much copied this headboard directly from Centsational Girl, so if you want detailed instructions on how to do this, her post would be the one to follow. But the short version of how we did it is as follows:

1. We bought a huge piece of plywood from Home Depot.

2. We rested the plywood in the metal frame so that the finished product would look seamless. 

3. Next I sketched out the general shape I wanted so that Nick could use his jigsaw to cut the plywood.

4. Once Nick cut out one side, he flipped over the piece he cut and traced it out on the other side (so that both sides would be perfectly symmetrical).

5. After the board was cut, I used the staple gun to attach two layers of batting onto the plywood. Then I covered the batting with the fabric we selected. It was easy peasy! Sorry I don’t have any photos of this process, but here’s what it looked like afterward (before I added the nailhead trim).

6. We used a nailhead trim kit to outline the border. Its basically a long strip of faux nailheads so that you have to hammer just every fifth nailhead into place. It really helped keep everything in line and saved my sanity (can you imagine nailing every single one into place??). The nailhead really helped the headboard look tailored! I love it.

I also reupholstered the bench at the foot of the bed in the same fabric as the headboard. This also was not as hard as I anticipated. I stapled the new fabric directly over the old, after upholstering the whole thing in a layer of “scrap fabric” just to make sure the old pattern wouldn’t show through.

Bench before:

And after:

Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can. Staple guns rock.

I also used the same white fabric to make coordinating curtains. I followed the directions for YHL’s no-sew curtains, since sewing machines scare me 🙂 Basically, I just folded all of the edges over to create a clean “hem” and used iron-on hem tape to seal it down. Then I bought some curtain hooks from Target to clip to the top of the curtains.

I’m loving how each of these projects turned out, and how they tie the whole room together because the fabric is repeated several times throughout. It doesn’t come off too matchy-matchy, just coordinated, I think. Gotta love how DIYing things like headboards and curtains not only saves money but also ends up looking more polished than if you had gone out and tried to find coordinating items.

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