A little bit of drama

The master bathroom always felt a little incomplete with this ho-hum builder-grade light fixture above the bathtub.

With the 10-foot ceilings in the bathroom I thought the space could handle the drama of an oversized chandelier. Sharing my vision with Nick however, he wasn’t really a huge fan of me spending a crazy amount of money for a chandelier in the bathroom (which I can totally understand). So when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for making a faux-capiz chandelier (like the pricey ones I’ve admired from places like West Elm for years), I figured this was the perfect spot to try out this project.

As always, the directions in the post I linked to above are much more cohesive than the ones I am about to go through here. Mine are just the condensed version.

First, we bought a cheap lampshade to serve as the frame. 

We removed the fabric and all the innards. We also attached a piece of wire circling the middle (to serve as a second row to hang the “capiz shells.”)

Then we spray painted the whole thing white. I thought this might help the base blend in once I added the capriz shells, but honestly, I don’t think this step is really all that crucial.

Then we ironed together three sheets of wax paper (to make the “shells” thicker and more substantial). I used a circle cutter (purchased from Michael’s) to cut out hundreds and hundreds of little wax paper circles. I then used a needle and thread to string together strands of 20. Then I basically just draped the strands over each row of wire (I only ended up using the top two rows, but you could use the bottom row too if you wanted three tiers).

You just keep adding more strands until you reach your desired fullness. Truth be told, I still have more strands to make to fill out the back of the chandelier. But this project sat around half-finished for basically my entire pregnancy, and finally right before Kate was born (when I was in the height of my nesting tendencies!) I decided it was time to put it up, finished or not.

We just added two hooks to the ceiling and hung the chandelier directly over the other light fixture. Since the ceiling is sloped, we had to attach a piece of wire to one side so the chandelier would sit level. This could look a lot more discreet if we had put more energy into it, but I was practically 10-months pregnant at this point and just wanted to get it done. It doesn’t bother me much (yet).

Nothing about this project is perfect. And making all those strands is time-consuming and tedious. But it was a super-cheap solution that definitely adds drama to the space. I like it.

Hopefully one day I will have the energy/motivation to really fill it out with more strands. But until then, I am just not looking too closely at the imperfections and enjoying my faux-capriz chandelier from afar 🙂

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