Master bathroom (complete?) details:

Wow. Has it really been over a year since this post, where I showed you the master bathroom? And then promised I would be back to share more complete details soon? Yes, sorry. Bad blogger. (Also, I’m sorry that the pictures are tiny and the formatting is all off on these older posts. I transferred everything over from blogspot a few months ago, and unfortunately that is how everything transfered. Boo.)

Anyway, little by little I filled in the shelves and put the finishing touches on the master bathroom. Honestly, most of these details have been done for almost a year now, but I waited until I added a “chandelier” over the bathtub to blog about it.

So here’s how we left things when I last posted about the master bathroom:


And here it is now:


So let’s play a little game of what has changed in the two pictures:

1. Added a “chandelier” over the bathtub (I will be back with a post about how I DIYed this project later today).

2. Replaced the white bath towels hanging on the bar with a more decorative pattern. The white bath towels got rolled and placed on the second floating shelf.

3. Added “SPA” letters and my little teal sand timer to the top floating shelf. (The letters are just standard craft letters I got from JoAnn’s and then spray painted with a hammered silver spray paint.)

4. Added rolled hand towels to the bottom floating shelf.

5. Nick built a shelf over the bathtub to hold yet more rolled hand towels (because what says “spa” more than rolled towels anyway?).

6. Added a towel hook on the back of the closet door.

7. Replaced the boring hand soap in dish with fun beach shapes (a subtle change, yes I know).

7. Added apothecary jars to hold bath salts, soap and cotton balls (you technically can’t see this change in the top image, but I still wanted to mention it).

So how many of those changes did you spot? The person who spotted the most gets a prize (apothecary jars are bonus points!).

What’s the prize, you ask?

More pictures, of course!

The end. I am proud of myself for not being as long-winded as I normally am in this post 🙂

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