Shelf stylin’ and profilin’

FIle this away under “oversharing the littleinsignificant things” but really, isn’t that what having a blog is all about anyway? 😉 So here is an update on the little shelf under our entryway table. I have had a hard time figuring out what to put there. I went through many different things (some of which I have blogged about) before finally settling on something I am happy with. So here is the story of one little entryway table shelf’s journey.

When we moved in, I stuck two baskets under there:

Oh man, do I shudder seeing that ugly builder-grade light in the above picture. This just further proves to me how much a nice light fixture can change everything. But back to the entryway table. I settled right away on the lamps, ceramic flower and artwork and now, over a year later, I still love the way it looks (although, I have toyed with the idea of redoing the art at some point). But the baskets just didn’t match. They were too dark and heavy and looked dingy and dirty (even though they aren’t). They now are on the bottom shelf of our bookcase, and I love them there (I am a sucker for baskets—a post on that should be coming soon).

So after I moved the baskets (and replaced that ugly light fixture, hallelujah!)…

…I replaced the baskets with two votive holders and a little teal box. I also channeled my inner-Sherry (from Young House Love) by placing a little white animal (in my case, a snail I bought from Hobby Lobby) on the box. As I talked about in this post, I learned that sometimes you just have to be true to yourself, and I am just not the type that has quirky animals in my living room. So I moved him to the back patio (which is a much more appropriate home for a snail, don’t you think?).

The teal box houses my postcard collection. Every trip I go on, I buy a couple of postcards representative of the places we visited. It is a (very!) cheap souvenir and a collection that doesn’t take up much space, but still triggers sentimental memories of the trip.

So once I said sainara to the snail, I had to find something to replace him. I found some pretty pearlescent balls (from Marshall’s) and put them in a glass bowl I already had.

But I still wasn’t crazy about it. And I think its because when you back away and look at it from a distance…

…it’s just too sparse and too symmetrical. But I just could not think of how to fill this space. So I just kept on the lookout for objects that might fill the space better. This was definitely more of a “collected over time” decorating process.

So this is how the space looks now:

And finally I am happy with how it looks. It looks properly filled (but still light, airy and not too cluttered). There are a good mix of properly proportioned small and large, high and low objects (I think that is the secret to good styling).

My favorite part are the Pottery Barn books. This was my birthday present last year from my mom (she bought them all used from and got a really good price on them). Side note: we had a little get-together on my birthday with Nick’s family and mine (this was actually the event where we surprised everyone and announced we were pregnant). My mom likes to wrap everything individually so that it feels like you are getting to open tons of presents (which is totally the way to go, by the way. So much more fun!). So I had all of Nick’s family watching as I opened each individual book. I really think they thought I was crazy asking for all of these books. But I had a vision people. And here it is.

So there you go. That is the story of one little entryway shelf. Hope you enjoyed. Now, I must go get to work on a fun little painting project we are starting today. What is it you ask? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out (I promise, I will try to blog about it as soon as we are done.)

One hint: you can see the wall we will be painting in the picture below. 🙂

How’s that for leaving you in suspense? 🙂 Signing off…

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