This has been a crazy busy summer for us. My sister is getting married next weekend, so life has been consumed with wedding planning, projects and showers. After a shower in Houston hosted by the groom’s family one weekend, the next weekend I hosted a shower for her in Dallas at my cousin Andrea’s house. I can’t decide if hosting a shower remotely is better or worse. I felt more stressed because I had to transport everything from Belton, but hey, at least I didn’t have to clean the house! I didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy, but here are a few details.

I designed the invitations to match the wedding invitations (which I also designed, but we’ll save that project for a post-wedding post). Her wedding color is a blush pink so the theme of the shower was basically shades of pink.

I ordered pink poms from the same Etsy shop that I used for our gender reveal party.

I was very excited to find these napkins at Target, because the varying shades of pink matched my theme perfectly! The whole inspiration for the party was this cake. Each layer of the cake was a slightly lighter shade of pink than the last (the picture doesn’t really do it justice!).

I also framed some pictures that I took the day they got engaged for the table display.  I found the frames at World Market. I just discovered how awesome that place is. For some reason, I always was under the impression is was mainly a grocery store, I had no idea how many awesome home decor items they carry. I know, I’m way behind.

I also made her these “Thank You” cards as a gift. They match her wedding invitations. Just an aside: throughout all of this wedding prep, I have really grown to love Vistaprint! It is much easier than trying to find somewhere locally to print. I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of their printing, and the prices aren’t unreasonable.

2012 might go down as the most exciting year ever, because not only did I have a baby and my sister is getting married, but Nick’s brother and sister-in-law will be having their first baby in October. So, right after I finished with the wedding shower, it was time to get in baby shower mode! Nick’s aunt hosted this shower, which gave me the freedom to just focus on the little details, which is more fun for me than being in charge of the whole thing. I may have gone a little crazy, but its my first niece…so I’ve gotta spoil her, right? 🙂

I designed the invitations to match their nursery color scheme which is purple, grey and white. Thanks to Pinterest (the source of all good ideas), I decided to make it a “book shower’ where each guest is asked to bring a book instead of a card. I included a card explaining the idea with the invitation.

I love the idea because you will most likely spend at least $3 for a card that will probably be thrown away. For just a few more dollars, you can buy a book, sign the inside and it will be a keepsake for the baby.

I wanted a way to display the books at the shower, so I asked Nick to build a tabletop bookshelf. We googled, found a picture of one we liked, and he built it based on the picture. I wish I could find the picture, because seriously, I am so impressed. It looked exactly like it. But alas, that image is not turning up on Google today. So just trust me when I say, the boy’s got skills.

After he was done building, I got to work painting. I wanted it to match their nursery, which is this one from Pottery Barn Kids:

So I painted the base grey and then found a stencil that resembled the dahlia on the bedding. I lucked out and found these Martha Stewart stencils at Michael’s, that were a very close match!

As a gift, I also purchased a personalized pillow from this Etsy shop. I was very impressed with this shop because when I sent the picture of the PBK nursery, the shop owner actually purchased a matching pillowcase to use as the back fabric so it would be a perfect match. It turned out so cute.

I was in charge of games for the shower so we had a little baby trivia game where Bryan and Rebecca competed to see which of them knew the most about babies. I made the “mom-” and “dad-to-be” paddles for them to hold up when they knew the right answer.

The winner (and it actually ended up being a tie) got a “New Parent Survival Kit” that I put together.

It contained:

Diaper changing kit:

  • Newborn diapers
  • Rubber gloves and tongs
  • Butt paste
  • Baby powder
  • Hand sanitizer

Soothing baby:

  • Baby wash/shampoo/lotion
  • Wash cloths
  • Socks
  • Pacifiers
  • Music

And when you think you just can’t keep going…

  • Lifesavers
  • 5-hour energy drink

I also made little keepsake cards for the guests to fill out while they were opening presents: 

We put them all in a glass jar labeled “Wishes for Baby” so baby Dawson can read our notes to her one day.

We also hung up all of her cute little outfits on a clothesline (with clothespins that matched the purple patterned theme, of course!)

So that concludes my busy summer of shower hosting. Now I will leave you with picture of Kate with each of the guests of honor.

With my sister (this was actually at her Houston shower):

And with her Aunt Rebecca, who she met for the first time at the baby shower:

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