Sweet Kate of mine

Its crazy to think that the last time I posted about Kate, it was her birth post! She’s grown just a bit since then:

I’m so glad I have done the monthly pictures because I love looking back and seeing how much she has changed. And of course, I couldn’t stop at the monthlys, so here are her weekly photos so far:

I take absolutely no credit for this idea. It was an absolute total copy of YHL’s weekly photo project for Clara (this post explains step-by-step how to do it).

I really thought that I would feel sad as she got older. The first few weeks I dreaded the next day because that meant she was another day older. But, seriously, it only gets better and better. I loved her from day one, but it wasn’t until she turned about a month old that it became the overwhelming, all-consuming love you hear moms talking about. (Probably because it took me a month to really get to know her).  I always thought the things I heard people say about a mother’s love were cliches. But now I realize they are completely true. Every love I have ever had pales in comparison to the love I have for this little girl. So many women stop me at Target or wherever when I am out and about and tell me that I will love every stage. And so far, they are right. I am not sad that she’s getting bigger, because there is always just another fun thing to look forward to. Every day I get to see a little more of her personality. It is so fun. I really had no idea how great it truly would be.

So that’s where we are now. 5 months old and loving it. She’s rolling all over the place, smiling, laughing, sitting up (nearly unassisted), trying to crawl, starting to play with toys, “talking” (we even heard a “Dadada” today), and wearing me out! Which is just how it should be.

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