What’s in my drawers…

So this is more of a “what’s in my drawers/cabinets” post more than anything really inventive or enlightening, but I’m nosey and like to see what’s in people’s drawers, so hopefully most of you do too.

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that we had to add a new shelf in the pantry to hold our vases in order to make room in the laundry room cabinets for baby gear? Well, this is the post about that + how we have utilized all the extra storage we added to the laundry room back in 2011.

Here’s what we started with when we first moved in.

One measly open shelf. That combined with the fact that we had the world’s tiniest pantry really made me twitch. I had no where to put anything! Yuck, yuck, yuck. So we added closed storage to the laundry room so I could store things like the crock pot, dog food, and laundry detergent away out of sight.

So let’s have a peek inside those drawers, shall we?

The first side holds laundry and cleaning supplies. I haven’t added any baskets or inventive storage solutions, but I love having the space to keep everything nice and neat.

Pre-baby, the other side was home to vases, candles and a letter holder. But I soon realized I would need that space to hold all of Kate’s feeding gear. So Nick built a top shelf in the pantry for the vases, and I relocated the letter holder to the hall closet (a post on that later this week). So the cabinet went from this:

…to this:

Things will shift around as she grows and her feeding needs change, I’m sure. The top left shelf has all the free formula we have received in the mail. I have held on to it “just in case,” but I am proud to say that I have been able to exclusively breast feed for six months and am still going strong! That was a major goal of mine, and I am so glad that I’ve been able to do it, even while working full-time. It has been an amazing experience for me. It is so much quicker and easier than preparing formula, provides a lot of snuggling time, and has helped me lose all my baby weight and then some (FAST!). Not to mention, its FREE. Totally rocks. But I digress… I am planning to give all the formula to a friend eventually (once I know for sure that we will not be needing it). I will be so glad to gain even more shelf space once that’s gone.

I’m also able to use this cabinet to hide a lot of the unsightly (yet essential) baby gear things, such as the bottle sterilizer and the bottle warmer. We have a basket for all her bibs, and the bottom left side holds her bottles and the dishwasher baskets. The bottom right shelf holds all of her plastic dishes, which will probably get moved into the kitchen once we need them (which will be soon! We have just started introducing solids through baby-led weaning).

The big cabinet holds bulky kitchen items such as the crockpot, punchbowl, cupcake carrier, etc. The bottom shelf holds Lucy’s dog food and treats. And now for the entire reason I chose this specific cabinet…

The JUNK DRAWER!! Everyone needs a junk drawer. You have to have a spot for the things that don’t “go” anywhere else. When we first moved in and I realized I did not have an extra kitchen drawer that could serve as my junk drawer, I knew this would have to be remedied fast. I try to keep this junk drawer realitively organized with one of those bamboo drawer organizers. I love these things (you will see more of them in future posts as the week goes on). It gives everything its own little “home” so its not all just cluttered together.

Once I had put everything in these cabinets/drawers, I realized (oh glorious day!) we had an extra drawer that wasn’t being used. It took me a while to figure out what to put in there (what a glorious problem to have!), but finally I decided it would be a good place to store nice shopping bags that we plan to reuse. Maybe other people do this, but we’ve always just had ours in a messy pile in the pantry, so designating this drawer specifically for these bags has been revolutionary for me. They stay so much neater and are super-easy to grab whenever you need one. And when you don’t need them, they are out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

So there ya go. That’s what’s in my drawers! Tomorrow I will be showing you how I organize my jewelry, including a really awesome built-in storage solution Nick created for me. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

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