The basket post

In this post, written in the last few days before my sweet baby girl was born, I told you that my nesting took form in the organizing mantra “Everything. Must. Have. A. Basket.” So here’s the basket post I promised you. I can’t say you are going to gain much from this post other than “Wow. This girl has a lot of baskets.” But I just like having my clutter contained in baskets. Don’t judge.

Once I saw how awesome Kate’s closet looked with all her matching baskets, I wanted the same for our closet. We had three beige-colored canvas bins that we got off of our wedding registry. I really wanted to get more, but sadly, I could not find the same ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So, I decided to give the three bins a new home in our guest bedroom closet and start over with new, matching baskets in our closet.

It actually worked out great because our guest bedroom closet had recently gotten a lot more cluttered due to relocating items to turn our “junk closet” into Kate’s closet. Most specifically, all of our board games took over the top shelf. So I was able to fit all the games into these canvas bins. So now when our guests come, everything looks nice and organized and non-intrusive.

So then I bought these brown storage baskets from Target for our closet. I wanted to fill the entire top shelf, which meant buying a ton of them. Which is probably the main reason I got these specific baskets. They aren’t really the most attractive, but they are some of the cheapest ones Target carries.

They hold old t-shirts, old purses, my maternity clothes, backpacks and other odds and ends. But of course, I couldn’t stop there. Of course not. Don’t mess with the crazy 9-month pregnant lady on a basket craze.

Nick has always folded his jeans, khaki shorts and undershirts on a shelf in the closet. So I wanted to contain the stacks to bins. Nick told me repeatedly he did not need bins for this. I went ahead and got them anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ There was no stopping this pregnant lady.

There is one last area of basketland to show you (well, at least for today… tomorrow I will cover the bathrooms, and guess what? There are more baskets there too! Go ahead and get excited!) But for today, one last look, this time in our hall closet. Another catching ground for random junk I don’t know where else to put. So lets put all of it in matching baskets and call it organized!

I love these baskets the best. They are oh-so-cute. I need to get a few more to fill out those bottom shelves.

And just to illustrate my point: See next to the picnic basket where we have my massive collection of workout gear (the purple and black and yellow things…I don’t even know what to call them, if that’s any indication about how often I work out.) Looks kind of junky and random, huh? Well, it wouldn’t if it was in a basket! I need to head to Target and get a couple more pronto ๐Ÿ˜‰

One basket holds “weather items” like umbrellas, scarves, mittens, etc; one holds all of Lucy’s gear (leash, travel food bowl, medicine, toys, etc); and two hold random household things like placemats, linen napkins, etc.

These smaller baskets hold retired dish towels that now serve as rags, and some random bed linens and tablecloths. Again, I really want to get a couple more of these and put the rest of the stuff on these shelves in baskets too. Am I crazy? Nick thinks so… you probably do too. Remember, you promised not to judge!

So I think I will quit while I am (maybe?) still ahead. That’s it for today. Tomorrow I will be back with bathroom organization!

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