The post about bathroom storage

Remember in this post when the shelf under my entryway table went from this:

…to this:

Ever wonder what happened to those baskets? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway 😉

Sure, they looked a little dingy in that spot, but they are nice baskets. In fact, they were the baskets that started it all since they were the first “pretty baskets” I ever bought (from Target, circa 2008 or so). And now the baskets hold the toilet paper in our two bathroom cabinets.

Not exactly a “promotion,” but isn’t it funny how dingy these baskets looked out in display they looked under the entryway table, but how fancy they look when they are holding toilet paper? Funny how that works, huh?

In our guest bathroom, the area to the right of the toilet paper basket used to be overflowing with towels. One of my main goals when I was pregnant was to free up the cabinet before the baby was born. I knew that we would need the space for her bath stuff, so I needed a new spot to put the towels.

Our solution (which we just barely got finished in time) was to add a cabinet over the potty.

We had a really hard time finding something the right size within our price range. We got a quote at an actual cabinet store,which was $500+ for ONE CABINET. Really? Really?!? That is completely ridiculous!!

So of course, we went the DIY route instead and bought an unfinished cabinet from the Home Depot for around $80. We also tried spray paint stain for the first time. And by “we,” I mean Nick since I was very pregnant at the time and could not breathe in the fumes. He gave it rave reviews (remember, this is the guy that hates to paint). He found it much easier and quicker to use than regular stain, and I think the results turned out better too (much less drippy and better at coating evenly).

Since the unfinished cabinet we purchased was actually a kitchen cabinet, we felt like it might be a little too deep and worried that if it stuck out too far, people might bump their heads when they were *ahem* doing their business. So Nick actually took the cabinet apart, sliced off a couple inches from each of the side boards and then put it all back together. This made the cabinet a bit more shallow, the way most bathroom cabinets are. It looks pretty good, although the inside cracked a bit (I think from us pulling it apart), so I think I will eventually cover the inside with a pretty shelf paper to disguise the crack. I will show you the inside once that is done…but for now you can just imagine. It is a cabinet that holds towels.

Once it was up on the wall, we both decided that we probably could have kept the depth as it was when we bought it. You’d have to sit uncomfortably far back in order to hit your head. Oh well, you live and learn. Eventually we will add a similar cabinet in our master bathroom and we won’t cut it down. I would also like to add a shelf underneath the cabinet (like this), so it gives off more of the “bathroom-vibe” and I can put pretty things on it 🙂

So that freed up space under the sink for all of Kate’s gear. Its not really pretty, but its functional:

This is called working with what you already have. The green storage box was part of the set I got for her closet, and the tan colored storage organizer actually came free with one of the many formula samples I have recieved. Color me excited about that!! 🙂

At some point I may try to buy matching baskets and make this area a bit more attractive, but with a baby so much changes so frequently in terms of what we need to store, so I will wait until I know what this space will need to hold on a more permanant basis.

One more storage-related area to talk about in the guest bathroom, and then we will move on to the master bath. I don’t quite know how it has happened, but in our four years of marriage, we have accumulated quite the toiletries selection. I think its a combination of Nick’s travel seasons as a recruiter, many stocking stuffers over the years, and the fact that our dentist gives us each a toothbrush, travel-size toothpaste and floss after every visit.

So I actually got this idea from my in-laws, who very cutely assembled a little “concierge basket” (like you’d get at a hotel) for us when we went to stay with them for the first time after we were married. It even had a little note welcoming us to the Jones Bed and Breakfast and to let the “front desk” know if we needed anything during our stay. Very cute 🙂 So now I have copied their idea and grouped all of our toiletries into a basket for guests to use whenever they come to stay with us.

Now lets move on to the master bathroom. As I mentioned in this post, these bamboo adjustable drawer organizers have changed my life. I love having a little compartment for everything. We have one for the drawer we share for our daily necessities like deodarant and toothpaste.

The drawer below it is all of my “beauty essentials.” I’ve had this little makeup caddy since I began college and it has served me well. I purchased the organizer to hold my hair products last year. Just another example of how having a designated spot for everything keeps things neat and easy to find.

The cabinet underneath Nick’s sink holds our other toilet paper basket. I also purchased a matching basket (different size) to hold random things like Q-tips, aloe vera, cotton balls, etc… But the middle section wasn’t very functional.

I’ve had that clear caddy since college, and it never properly held our cleaning supplies the way I’d hoped. They never fit into the little slots, which meant I would just balance everything on the caddy, and then anytime I needed to pull something out it’d all come crashing down. It was so frustrating that it made me never want to clean (yeah…let’s say that was the reason… 😉 ). The blue plastic bin is also leftover from college and held all of our medicine. Most of the time though, big bottles didn’t fit and were just stacked on top of the box.

A few weeks ago I purchased these sliding metal storage baskets and look at how nicely everything fits now!

The cabinet below my sink holds our towels (but as I said before, one day I would like to add a over-the-potty cabinet for the towels). I also have these purple and blue storage bins from college that hold nail polish and other “beauty items.” I will probably upgrade these to pretty baskets one of these days. (Man, writing these posts really isn’t doing me much good, it just keeps reminding me of more baskets that I want to get. Target is calling my name…)

I also have a basket for clunky items like my hair dryer, hair spray and hair gel:

So there you have it. The post about bathroom storage: DONE!

Can I just take a moment to toot my own horn and say that I am proud of myself for living up to the challenge I gave to myself to devote an entire week to posting about ORGANIZATION. I have had all of these posts in the back of my mind for a while now, so I am happy to finally have shared them on the blog and be able to check them off of my to-do list. Truth be told, I have another post in the works about kitchen organization. I have pictures taken and everything, so I am really hoping to get ‘er done this weekend. And while writing all of these, I thought of another organization topic I could address: how we have dealt with all the inevitable items that come along with baby (the swing, the Boppy, the chair, the toys, etc etc.) So be looking for those two posts coming up in the near future! We have family coming into town this weekend, so I’m not sure if it will be this weekend or not…we’ll just have to see how motivated I am tonight (and how much I want to procrastinate from cleaning the house!).

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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