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So in my last post, I promised not one, but two room makeovers for you. So here is installment number two. It has been a long time coming. So long that it started as me wanting to do an office makeover and then morphed into an office/playroom once Kate was born.

I really like this room, because it has a huge window with tons of natural light. But for the first year or so, it sat pretty neglected. It held the couch we had used in our apartment living room, a desk we bought while we were living in the rental house, and some grey paintings/accessories I came up with while we were in the rental. Our biggest “accomplishment” to the room to date was finally buying some blinds for that huge window.IMG_6488IMG_6468IMG_6472

Nick’s grandparents offered us their old 42″ tv. We gladly accepted because…well, who turns down a 42″ flatscreen tv?? But we already had one for the living room so there was quite a bit of debate over where to put this tv. I didn’t feel like it really belonged in the master bedroom. So we decided to put it in the office, because it would be nice to be able to watch tv while I worked on the computer. So for the longest time, it looked like this. Cords hanging down the wall = classy, doncha think?


I hemmed and hawed over this room for years. My original plan was to do a yellow and gray color scheme. But then, I saw this floating around Pinterest-land. And it changed my direction to navys and greens.

Finding these curtains (from IKEA) sealed the deal:


But, um…notice that the curtains are highwatering? I ended up “sewing” (or maybe hot gluing…shh, don’t tell!) navy fabric to the bottom. I don’t have a progress picture of that, but you can see it in the reveal pictures below. I actually much prefer the curtains with the navy added to it. It balances out the graphic pattern and makes them look much more custom. 

So next up, I decided to jump on the chalkboard wall bandwagon. I thought it would be a really fun thing for Kate to play with as she got older (and I would enjoy playing with it in the meantime!). I figured the room could handle a black wall since that huge window lets in so much light. 

So we got to painting. 


We actually used a can of magnetic paint underneath (although, on a wall this size I would actually recommend at least two cans, I had to go back and repaint later because it wasn’t as magnetic as I hoped it would be), then we painted chalkboard paint on top. You can see in the picture below that the chalkboard paint is a bit darker than the magnetic stuff. You can also see the paint chips we were deciding about for the rest of the walls. 


After you finish painting it, you have to let the paint cure for a few days, then you have to condition the wall by rubbing chalk all over the entire wall and then erasing it.


As you can see in this picture, we bought a new, much smaller desk (from IKEA…yeah, I know, where else?). One thing I didn’t like about the previous room’s arrangement was how my back was to the door, so I felt like I was just staring at a wall. I really wanted this room to serve as a way for me to be able to work on the computer while also being able to see and interact with Kate. So we put the desk in the center of the room, facing the the play area. Then Nick built some storage shelves to go behind the desk and a toy storage bench/desk for the play area. Why am I still talking…let’s just get to the pictures 🙂





_MG_9159IMG_5929 IMG_5925

IMG_5907 IMG_5905IMG_5898 IMG_5896    IMG_5923  IMG_5886


IMG_5864 IMG_5866


IMG_5854 IMG_5856

I didn’t take a picture of the tv now, but it is in the same spot (on the wall above the bench in the picture below). I can’t even begin to explain how he did it, but Nick was AWESOME and moved the electrical outlet so that it is now behind the tv.   IMG_5847 IMG_5844IMG_5863_MG_9153

The perfectionist in me needs to point out that I will be adding more pillows to this bench at some point. I’m thinking something fun, like in the shape of clouds. Just haven’t felt like spending the money yet.     

_MG_9137  IMG_5832

Something worth mentioning with the canvas photo. It actually is a $30 print I used spray adhesive to attach to a canvas that I have had for years (and repainted many, many times…most recently it was the grey canvas over the couch in the “before” pictures).  IMG_5000      

I googled around and printing a canvas this size would’ve been over $200. I was pretty proud of how it turned out. Maybe one day I will paint the edges a fun color. 


Decorating this room was SO much fun because it gave me the excuse to be playful and definitely was a departure from my normal color scheme. Hopefully the room will grow and evolve to accommodate Kate’s play needs as she get’s older. So far, I’d say she’s enjoying it 🙂




4 thoughts on “Work and play

  1. It looks so good, Jennifer! I Love the whole room, but especially the green/blue color combo! I love that it is so gender neutral and will be perfect for any other kids you guys might have 🙂 You did such a great job with this room!

    Oh and Kate is so adorable.

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