From $11 to free

So remember this post when I showed you some cheap ($11) wall art that I hung on the wall in our breakfast nook?


It was okay, but nothing to write home about. I was ready for something a bit more substantial. So I consulted Pinterest, and decided wood planks were the way to go for that rustic, Pottery Barn vibe I’m going for.

There were a couple of different ways I could go. Painting a phrase…

1  41861294548af8bb91ee548c71d809f4

Or I also really liked the idea of painting everything and leaving the phrase wood…5a93af91159c3bcac1ba3199ac2f00daWe have a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood, so there are piles of scraps sitting everywhere. One night Nick went and picked up one of the old pallets and set to work tearing it apart.

And there it sat for a couple of months, while I tried to make up my mind. The reason for my procrastination was twofold:

1. I couldn’t decide on a phrase that would sum up our family while also being something I could stand looking at every day. I didn’t want it to be too cheesy, too cutesy, or two cliche.

2. I knew that painting the letters perfectly would prove to be frustrating and time consuming. I couldn’t muster up the gusto to actually get on it.

Then one day in my pinning, I stumbled across this:


I loved the idea putting a chunky, rustic frame on top. I take about 1,200,025 pictures a month (if only I was kidding!), and so I am always trying to figure out ways to display them. And lets face it, a huge draw was that it would be infinitely simpler than stenciling or hand lettering a phrase.

Or at least, simpler for me. Haha. Nick had to build the frame, so I guess he wouldn’t necessarily agree. But really, it didn’t take him long at all to put it together from some scrap wood we had in our garage. And he really liked the fact that I wanted it rustic so nothing had to be perfect.


After he built the frame, I attached the glass from an old 8×10 frame I had around to the back of the frame, and Nick used two picture frame hooks to attach the white frame to the wood planks, so that we can easily remove it to switch out the picture from time to time.

IMG_1895     IMG_1910


I’m pretty much obsessed with this picture. It is not technically perfect (a little blurry), but it will forever represent this summer for me. On our back porch we have a stand that holds three little pots. After killing about a dozen (or more!) plants each year, because inevitably I forget to water them (and they dry out so fast since they are tiny) someone once suggested I just put fake plants in there. I know, it doesn’t sound all that classy, but it has been so nice because they give a little green to that area and I don’t have to water! Anyway, Kate discovered these one day and now makes it a daily habit to move these plants from pot to pot and around the porch. It is super-cute, and a nice little game to entertain her for a while each day.

So one day, I took her outside for a little photoshoot to fill this new frame (nope, not one of the 1,200,025 pictures I already had would possibly work). I intended to do an extreme close-up profile shot similar to the inspiration pic we used for the project. But Kate was more interested in playing florist and bringing me all of the plants. So I went with it, and, at least in my opinion, the result is infinitely better than any profile shot would’ve been for this space. I love how it almost looks like a generic stock photo, but there is a story behind it and a sweet reminder of this summer with my girl.

IMG_1914So since we used all scrap wood, plus used paint, glass and hooks we already had on hand, and I printed the photo from home (using my new super-awesome Canon photo printer, its life-changing, folks!), that makes this project F-R-E-E! And it is so much more visually interesting and better proportioned for the space than what was there previously. Couldn’t be happier. I told Nick, this may be the most 100% pleased I have ever been with one of our projects. It was so easy and it ended up even better than I expected. Plus, did I mention, it was free?



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