Filling the hole

When we last left off, I had a hole in my wall, and now we don’t!

To summarize: what was this…mg_9214

and then this…


is now this.


We still have a few finishing touches to do (filling in some holes, etc), but they look pretty from afar 🙂


The transom was actually pretty easy to install (said the person who didn’t have to do any of the installation, but there was very little cursing on Nick’s part, which is what I use to gauge the ease of any project).


Basically, in my over-simplified terms, he had to build the window jam, which was a simple wood box that the window sits inside of. Then you put that up, and frame the edges with moulding. Somehow the window did get installed slightly off-center, but we just added a little more wood to that part and once I painted it white, you can not tell at all. It all blends in perfectly. Paint covers a multitude of sins 🙂


This summer somehow turned into the summer of working on all of the finishing touches I have wanted to incorporate into the living room since before we even moved in. Besides finishing up the transom/french door combo, we also retiled the fireplace to something a little more “custom,” added more woodwork to the mantle, and Nick is currently in the process of installing crown moulding (which you can see in this picture, although it hasn’t been painted yet). So I will be back with all of those details!