Gettin’ knobby with it

(Title sung to the tune of Will Smith’s ever-classic  “Gettin’ Jiggy With It”…sorry couldn’t help myself!)

This was a super-easy, relatively cheap project that was primarily about adding function. We added knobs to all of our cabinets/drawers. Yay for no more hurt fingers as you try to pull the drawers open from the edge!

We decided to go with simple knobs for everything. Mainly because I like the simple, uncluttered look. I actually hesitated quite a bit to add the knobs at all, because I hated to loose that clean look. But as I said, this project was more about adding function, rather than aesthetics.

We went back and forth over whether or not to add handles to the drawers like the ones pictured on the left and right here:

In the end, I counted all of the cabinets and drawers we would be doing (in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms), and it came out to exactly 50. At the good ole Home Depot there was a value pack with exactly 50 knobs for $50. So that pretty much made our decision for us. (I had been leaning toward all knobs for the simplicity anyway)
After a quick and easy installation:

We had this:

I didn’t get any laundry room pictures, but here are the two bathrooms before-and-afters.

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